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WS Grain Cleaners

Separates By Density Using Unique Air Flows

The WS Sosnowski [sos NOW ski] grain cleaning machines use unique air flows created by centrifugal force to separate good grain from almost any crop material. Seed cleaning using air flow is gentle. The air flow adjustment determines the cleaning action and its proper control is key to obtaining good results. A central diffusing element and a unique pattern of seed spreaders is also key. With the excellent design of the WS machine, grain cleaning quality is improved to almost twice that of most other similar machines on the market.

Regulating the air flow controls the separating action. Air is drawn up through the center tube in a unique pattern and exits out the exhaust. Anything less dense (weight and surface area) than the good grain will exit the machine through the exhaust. Even material that is heavier than the good seed may be taken out if its surface area is large enough. For example, wheat heads can be taken out even though they are heavier than plump kernels because its surface area is much larger.

Cleans Various Grains

The WS machines will clean many types of common grains such as barley, beans, corn, durum, hemp, lentils, maize, oats, peas, poppy, rape, rye, soybeans, spelt, sunflower, wheat and many more. After cleaning, the grain will be ready for storage, for planting or for grain burning furnaces. These cleaners have also been used for separating leaves from frozen fruit; sawdust from wood chips and small bits of wood and plastic from sand or bark.

Solution For Disease In Grain

Quality standards vary for cleaning grain depending on its end use. Harmful fungus and toxins such as vomitoxin, aflatoxin, fusarium, and ergot is harbored mostly in the chaff, the light seeds, and the cracked kernels. These diseases can easily double in a month when stored in slightly damp conditions. Removing this part from the good grain will lower the infection rate. The air flow through the grain will help dry down a high moisture crop. Cleaning tests with popcorn and spelt were conducted and the results tested by a certified lab. The popcorn was infested with a vomitoxin level of 11.2 which is unusually high. The spelt tested at 1.5 vomitoxin. After one pass through a WS grain cleaner, the popcorn tested at 1.8 and the spelt tested at 0.7.

Small Investment, Short Payback

It is easy to increase the value of your crop such as one farmer did in Saskatchewan. In 2016, he had 6,000 bushels of wheat that was contaminated with a high level of Fusarium fungus. It was rated as a grade 3 grain which was unfit for food or feed. The most that he was offered was $2.50/bu. Since the fungus consumes the inner part of the kernel, the thins, the lights, the cracks, and the fines are the most susceptible to this infection. After cleaning the grain with a WS machine, this part of the grain was removed which contained most of the fungus. The grain was then upgraded to a grade 1 and the offer on the wheat was $6.60/bu. This price difference was $4.10 per bushel which amounted to an increased value of over $24,000 for the crop. His Breakeven Point on the cost of the machine was reached in just a few hours of use. His Return On Investment (ROI) was very short. His purchase added more profit to his bottom line for the year.

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• Exhaust Straight Pipe                       • Extra Exhaust Filters

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WS 100 Grain Cleaner
WS 100 Grain Cleaner


110 b/h

 3 T/h