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AGS Grain Separator

These Grain Separators are popular all over the world and are being used by over 10,000 satisfied customers since the mid 90's on five different continents.

AGS 50 Grain Separator

Revolutionize your grain cleaning and grading process with our gentle grain cleaning and grading machines. Our equipment is designed to clean and grade all types of crops or bulk material with minimal kernel damage, thanks to its stable air flow.

Our machines are capable of separating both light and heavy impurities, as well as grading thin, light inferior seeds from plump, high-quality seeds in a single pass.


This improves yields up to 40% and helps the crop mature earlier and more uniformly, resulting in more value for your crop. Many farmers not only save money but also make additional income when using our grain separators.


Our machines are user-friendly, easy to operate, and require no special training. The Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) feature makes switching between crops and fine-tuning separating parameters quick and easy, giving the operator complete control over the separation process. The built-in scalper removes the larger foreign particles before the grain enters the separating chamber. With these features, our AGS Grain Separator stands out from all other similar machines on the market.

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Efficiently Separate Grain with Airflow Technology

Our advanced seed separator machines use airflow technology to separate grains by density, ensuring the highest quality seeds for planting. The heaviest impurities such as stones, dirt, and trash fall through the first output, while the highest density seeds fall through the 2nd and 3rd output, making it the best choice for planting with the highest germination rate.

The medium density seeds fall through the intermediate outputs, suitable for food or commodity grain. The lowest density seeds and damaged kernels fall through the lightest outputs, making them best used for feed. The dust, chaff, and other light impurities are blown out the far end of the separating chamber. Our machines give farmers the ability to optimize value from their crop by re-cleaning the grain collected from the intermediate outputs.


Browse our selection of augers for sale near me, used grain augers for sale and seed sorters today, and find the perfect solution to separate out grain with our seed cleaner machine and grain separator.

AGS Grain Separator Animation

Solution For Removing Disease From Grain

Aflatoxin, ergot, fusarium, vomitoxin and other diseases can be reduced significantly to acceptable levels. This process turns a low value crop into a valuable commodity.

Maintenance Free

The motor which runs the fan is the only moving part on the machine. There are no lubrication points and no spare parts are needed.

Low Power Consumption

The AGS Grain Separators are champions in electrical energy economy. They have the lowest power consumption per ton of grain cleaned among all similar machines on the market.

AGS 5 Grain Separator
AGS 5 Grain Separator
AGS 10 Grain Separator
AGS 10 Grain Separator
AGS 15 Grain Separator
AGS 15 Grain Separator
AGS 30 Grain Separator
AGS 30 Grain Separator
AGS 50 Grain Separator
AGS 50 Grain Separator
AGS 100 Grain Separator
AGS 100 Grain Separator

Adding Cyclones

AGS 150 Grain Separator With Cyclone

Breathe Easy with a Reduced Dust Environment

We understand the importance of a safe and healthy working environment for farmers. That's why our AGS Grain Separator may be equipped with a cyclone (CY) option, designed for use inside a building. The circular motion of the air movement within the cyclone significantly reduces the amount of dust and chaff in the grain cleaning environment.

No more pesky particles like chaff and dust causing respiratory issues for farmers. Our simple cyclones work in conjunction with our grain seed separators to provide a clean and healthy environment. Invest in our grain cleaning equipment for a safe and healthy harvest season.

Here’s a look at a few of the most common questions surrounding cyclones and their use on farms everywhere.

Q: What is a cyclone?
A: A cyclone used on a grain cleaner is an accessory that works to reduce dust and dirt by filtering the air. These devices are often used in conjunction with grain seed separators to remove light impurities. 

Q: What air purification devices are used with cyclones?
A: Air purifiers like this take the form of cyclones, blowers, and fans. Air purifiers or filters can be used with these devices to further improve their efficiency. There are also specialty products that can be used for better results for specific applications.

Q: How is a cyclone different than a blower?
A: Cyclones are designed to remove light particles from the air; blowers make fine dust more visible.

Q: How do the AGS cyclones work?

A: The cyclones on the AGS Grain Separators remove dust and light impurities from the air which passes through the crop material. When the air leaves the grain separating chamber and enters the cyclone, a sudden drop in static pressure causes the impurities to drop out of the airstream.

Aerodynamic Grain Separator Gallery

Revolutionize Your Grain Processing

As the demand for niche products like organic grains continues to rise, producers are turning to custom grain handling equipment to process their crops on their own schedule. With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right equipment for your needs.

We understand the importance of staying ahead of the latest agricultural technologies and tools. That's why we have developed some of the most innovative grain handling equipment on the market. We are dedicated to helping producers revolutionize their grain processing and increase their yields with our custom equipment.

Our company is dedicated to showcasing our products and services at some of the most influential farming and ranching trade shows. We have received great reviews for our agriculture trade show product line. Join us at our next trade show and discover how our agricultural machines, supplies, products, and services can help bridge the gap between innovators and those who need their products.

AGS Gallery

Do you need help deciding which AGS model you need?


Consider these three criteria:

       1. Quantity of grain to clean

       2. Amount of time to clean it

       3. Quality requirements


Running these machine at full capacity will remove dockage. When cleaning for seed or food grade, operate at 50% or less of capacity.

Contact the closest certified dealer to your location.

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