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Grain is a vital commodity in industries such as food, brewing, or livestock feed, but can also be very lucrative when sold as a cleaned commodity crop. However in many places, grain can be a real nuisance in storage and processing, and in some cases spoil quickly if it isn’t cleaned first. In the event that your farm or mill handles a lot of agricultural product, you probably know the importance of proper storage and handling. After all, an improper storage system can lead to a whole range of different types of damage to crops and bulk material, especially if the grain is not clean. Grain diseases will always begin growing in the damaged and malnourished kernels along with the other trash. Removing the undesirables from your crop before storage will greatly reduce the risk of grain spoilage.


The WS Grain Cleaner uses the power of centrifugal force to remove all impurities, including dust, dirt, broken or diseased seeds and is able to easily separate unwanted light seeds from plump high-quality seeds in one pass.


Mid-sized farmers will want to consider this size to get the job done.

WS 750 Grain Cleaner

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