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Grain cleaners are machines that are used in grain processing to separate the cereal crop (grain) from the plant material (straw and chaff). Grain cleaning machines are one of the most important devices used before milling the grain. It’s necessary to remove impurities and dust from the grain so it is properly ground and doesn’t contain any harmful substances. They can be used to both remove impurities like dust, dirt, and other contaminants from the grain. It's important to do this because doing so means that ground grains will contain less harmful substances like herbicides or pesticides than unprocessed grain.


The WS Grain Cleaner uses the power of centrifugal force to remove all impurities, including dust, dirt, broken or diseased seeds and is able to easily separate unwanted light seeds from plump high-quality seeds in one pass.


Designed for mega farms or grain mills, the WS 4500 will get the job done in a hurry when time is limited. Legs extend 24".


WS 4500 Grain Cleaner

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