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As with any industry, there are good machines and bad machines. If you're considering investing in a grain cleaner machine for your farm or mill, here are some key points and features to keep in mind:


Desired results: Grain cleaners remove impurities from the grain. If you're going to invest in a grain cleaner machine, you should make sure that the machine will be able to separate the good grain from the chaff and other trash.


Ease of use: Our machines are very user friendly, and almost anyone can learn to operate them efficiently in just several minutes without any prior training. 


Consistent cleaning: A machine that will clean and separate grain continuously without downtime is invaluable for operators who clean large amounts of grain. If you mill a lot of different types of grain, it can be worth investing in several cleaning machines if they'll accomplish what you need in a consistent manner.


Integration: Grain cleaner machines can be used in conjunction with other equipment. They can feed grain into other parts of an operation such as grinding mills, roller mills, or grain dryers.


The WS Grain Cleaner uses the power of centrifugal force to remove all impurities, including dust, dirt, broken or diseased seeds and is able to easily separate unwanted light seeds from plump high-quality seeds in one pass.


Designed for large farms or grain mills, WS 3500 size will get the job done in a hurry when time is limited. Legs extend 24".

WS 3500 Grain Cleaner

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