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One of the most overlooked and time-consuming jobs in the farming industry is the cleaning and grading of crops or bulk material. And while various methods can be used for this task, it is also important to ensure that they do not impact crop quality. For this reason, our aerodynamic grain cleaning machines will clean and grade all types of crops or bulk material to ensure that the best seeds are used. This is a huge improvement over previous methods which significantly degraded crop quality during the process. Our grain cleaner machines can be used to separate whole grains by density (size and weight); additionally, they can feed the cleaned product into other parts of an operation such as grinders, crackers, or dryers. The capacity of the machine should be determined by the amount of grain to be cleaned and separated and the amount of time available to do it.


The WS Grain Cleaner uses the power of centrifugal force to remove all impurities, including dust, dirt, broken or diseased seeds and is able to easily separate unwanted light seeds from plump high-quality seeds in one pass.


The mid sized WS 1500 grain cleaner will clean grain at an accelerated rate without breaking the bank.


WS 1500 Grain Cleaner

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