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Farmers usually harvest grain with a combine. The combine is equipped with sieves to sift and scalp the grain and a chopper to chop up the stems. Even with the best of settings, some of the crop material will not be completely separated from the grain. It is necessary for farmers to clean their grain before storing or sowing, which is called "grain cleaning".


Weeds are a huge problem for farmers across the world. Not only do weeds take up precious farming space, they also suck up water and nutrients. That’s where our grain cleaning machines come in! A grain cleaner is a machine used to clean grain from weed seeds and other foreign material before sowing. Mechanical cleaning of a crop is a safe way to remove weed seeds before sowing, which reduces financial losses.


The WS Grain Cleaner uses the power of centrifugal force to remove all impurities, including dust, dirt, broken or diseased seeds and is able to easily separate unwanted light seeds from plump high-quality seeds in one pass.


Perfect for the small farm, this popular size will not break the bank or your back.


WS 350 Grain Cleaner

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