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Farmers usually harvest grain with a combine. The combine is equipped with sieves to sift and scalp the grain and a chopper to chop up the stems. Even with the best of settings, some of the crop material will not be completely separated from the grain. It is necessary for farmers to clean their grain before storing or sowing, which is called "grain cleaning". Weeds are a huge problem for farmers across the world. Not only do weeds take up precious farming space, they also suck up water and nutrients. That’s where our grain cleaning machines come in! A grain cleaner is a machine used to clean grain from weed seeds and other foreign material before sowing. Mechanical cleaning of a crop is a safe way to remove weed seeds before sowing, which reduces financial losses.


AGS stands for aerodynamic grain separator. The innovative design of this machine with aerodynamic air flow keeps the cleaning process consistent throughout the entire grain cleaning process. The main difference between the AGS machines and other grain cleaners is that they have a rubber lined cleaning chamber that eliminates seed damage during the cleaning process. The rubber-coated cleaning chambers keep kernel damage to a minimum at all times to insure grain kernel damage is minimized. 


The Grain Separator makes it possible to clean, grade and separate unusable grain from high-quality grain with one machine. There are very few other machines on the market that are able to perform these functions so efficiently and economically. Other types of machines require two or more passes which will double or triple processing time at a significantly increased cost along with more damage potential.


The AGS Grain Separator is the earliest of the aerodynamic machine designs that started in 1995. 


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AGS 10 Grain Separator

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