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Our grain cleaning machines are in use in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, and in both North & South America. The demand for these machines has increased due to the rapid development of the agricultural industry. Today, where agriculture has become more complicated, these machines can greatly improve working efficiency. Various manufacturers design machines with different features to suit various needs of different agricultural environments. Grain cleaners can either be stationary at a processing facility or movable at the harvesting ground.


AGS stands for aerodynamic grain separator. The innovative design of this machine with aerodynamic air flow keeps the cleaning process consistent throughout the entire grain cleaning process. 


The AGS Grain Separator is the earliest of the aerodynamic machine designs that started in 1995. A cyclone may be used with the AGS machine and significantly reduces the amount of dust and chaff outside the machine. No additional cyclones or aspiration equipment is required for using the separator inside a building.


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AGS 5 Grain Separator

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