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AGS Performance

The features of the AGS Grain Separator are precisely engineered for optimum performance found on no other similar machine. This machine will perform several tasks all in the same pass.



The AGS machines have a built in scalper which will remove the largest particles of trash from the crop before it enters the separating chamber. Without the scalping process, the large trash particles will contaminate all the fractions. The scalping feature is a huge advantage over all other similar grain separating machines.


Consistent Air Flow

Each machine is equipped with an OEM blower wheel fan which is the most efficient kind of fan. It can move large volumes of air with minimal power. Unlike machines using impellers which produce swirling air, a gentle steady air stream is created and travels in a straight path through the separating chamber. This is important for consistent separation of the crop material. Air flow straighteners are installed as a precaution.


User Friendly Controls

Most operators are able to master the operation of these machines after only a few minutes of use with no special training.

AGS 200 Grain Separator With Scalper And Cyclone



The five fractions are the common sense choice for experienced operators of grain separators. Having more fractions will need extra equipment to unify several of the output chutes. Having less than five will not collect and separate the different grades of crop material enough. The baffle on each fraction enable the operator to fine tune the separations to his liking. No extra equipment is needed for connecting the round chutes to translucent semi-rigid hose to direct the separated grades of crop material where needed.



The optional window to the separating chamber is an accessory that enables the operator to watch the separating process.



The optional cyclone is an accessory that can be added at any time if needed. These are designed for use inside a building and will reduce airborne dust and direct foreign crop material to a specific outlet.


Transport Slots

Although not visible on the above machine, transport slots are built into the frame for easy and safe transport with a loader. Castor wheels are also an option.

AGS Scalper Animation

Scalper Animation

The process of separating crop material in the AGS Grain Separator begins when it enters the hopper at the top and falls onto the vibrating screen of the scalper. The grain, depicted by the green arrows, falls through the scalping screen and enters the separating chamber. The largest pieces of foreign material, depicted by the yellow arrows, cannot pass through the scalping screen and will fall off the end into a collection chute. A ball and rack system helps keep the screen clean and assists in moving the trash off the end. Each machine includes three sizes of screens. Others are readily available for any crop.

AGS Scalper Screen
AGS Scalper
AGS Scalper Collection Chute

Grain Separator Animation

A crop is separated into fractions when it enters the separating chamber. A straight, gentle, steady stream of air produces consistency in the separation process. Air volume is increased until almost no grain is collected in the first chute. The 1st chute will collect the heaviest pieces of trash. The 2nd chute will collect the heaviest, high protein seed. The last chute will collect the lightest seed along with some of the lighter foreign material. The intermediate chutes will collect crop material according to density. 

AGS Grain Separator Animation

AGS Grain Separator Results
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AGS Grain Separator Results For Barley
AGS Grain Separator Results For Canola/Rape
AGS Grain Separator Results For Sunflowers
AGS Grain Separator Results For Rice
AGS Grain Separator Results For Millet
AGS Grain Separator Results For Peas
AGS Grain Separator Results For Wheat
AGS Grain Separator Results For Corn
Sunrise over the Wheat Field
Why our machine is revolutionary in comparison to older seed cleaning equipment?
Vintage Winnowing Machine.png

Designed to meet the needs of the entire agricultural industry, our range of grading and sorting capacities is unmatched. Experience the ultimate in grain cleaning efficiency and performance with our top-of-the-line seed cleaner and seed separator machines.


Our multi-purpose machines are capable of cleaning, sorting, and grading all types of grain, preparing uniform seeds for better yields of up to 40% or more. And with our advanced technology, you'll enjoy longer working hours without fatigue, precise quality control, and less manpower needed for operations. But our machines offer so much more than just improved efficiency. Here are just a few of the many reasons why our grain cleaning equipment is superior to older designs:


Zero damaged grain

Our aerodynamic properties combined with size-dividing fractions do not damage the grain.


Most advanced seed separator on the market

Our seed separator not only separates impurities but also selects the most productive and healthy kernels, reducing waste and delivering a crop ready for worry-free storage.


Mobile and Reliable

Our machines are easy to operate, versatile, and can be placed on a trailer for use almost anywhere.

Zero Maintenance


With no moving parts or lubrication points, our machines require no maintenance and can go from one crop to another in less than five minutes!


Low energy consumption

Our grain cleaning machines consume minimal energy, making them an eco-friendly choice.

Read more about the specs on each product!



Our seed separator is a high-speed versatile machine that efficiently processes grain in just one step, simultaneously pre-cleaning, primary cleaning and seed sorting in just one step using just one machine.

AGS Grain Separator Being Transported Safely And Securely
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