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Secure Your Harvest

Advanced Grain Cleaning and Augering Solutions

Prevent crop loss and ensure the highest quality of your grain with our state-of-the-art grain cleaners and augers. Designed to tackle storage challenges, quality issues, health risks, pest infestations, and inefficient processing, our solutions are your key to a bountiful, profitable harvest.

Rooted in generations of farming excellence, we at Grain Cleaners OH understand the value of your harvest. As a family of farmers, we're committed to providing you with the finest grain cleaners and augers, tailored to your unique farming needs. Experience personalized service and receive a custom quote to ensure the best fit for your farm.

AGS Grain Separator Results

We know how important it is for farmers to have durable machines that will get the job done on time without any downtime. Machines with no moving components means no parts or mechanical maintenance is needed. Our machines have the best warranty in the industry. 


We use these machines to clean our own crops as well as for others. We know how important it is to optimize our efforts in the field by cleaning our own seed, to sell our crop for the best price, and to be able to do so on our own schedule. We are down home country folks who have been farming most of our lives and know how important it is to keep things honest and realistic. That is the kind of anytime, long term service we will aim to offer you if you trust us with a purchase. 

                "Spring is the time that nature turns green,

                  A few short months till the harvest gold.

                 When using our grain cleaning machine,

                 Money makers are they when crops are sold."

We Aim To Treat Others
                      Like We Want To Be Treated