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"In our area, Johnsongrass is a good forage crop but when it gets into the oats, it's a big problem. I use this machine to separate out the oats. I then run the exhaust material through again to take out the Johnsongrass. We can sell both the oats and the Johnsongrass for seed to the area farmers. We really like this machine. We are willing to talk to anyone if they have any questions about these grain cleaners." -Andy Baber, FL (850-978-1417)​

“I like how simple it is to use.  I'm happy with it!”  - Matt B.

"This machine makes my job so much easier. I can do it alone and don't need anyone else's help. It takes me so much less time to do my job. I would recommend this machine to anyone who cleans grain." -Janet B., KY

"I just used the Sosnowski cleaner by itself and was very impressed with the cleaning. I think with the other cleaner [scalper] it will be close to perfect. Thanks." Daryl F., PA 

"I'm very satisfied with this machine. I mounted it on top of a rotary cleaner and it really speeds up the cleaning process. It eliminates the plug-ups I used to have. It is easy to operate. It keeps me really busy to run this cleaner even at half of it's capacity." -Fred W. SK

"It does a phenomenal job for its compact size and high capacity. It is very easy to use. The large trash pieces have been a problem but . . . the sieve accessory [scalper]  . . . will take care of this problem." -Dennis O. WI

"Your WS cleaners have been the secret weapon in getting our bird feed mixes completely dust free. I dare say we have the cleanest pigeon and gamecock feeds in the Western USA. We have customers from many miles around, even from neighboring states purchasing our bagged grain because they do not like to see dusty grain inside a plastic bag. This is our 3rd machine we are purchasing to help keep up with demand. It's great technology you have and very affordable so I hope you are succeeding as well. Keep up the great work. Great, thank you so much!" - Jake I. Spanish Fork, UT

"We acquired a WS 350 Grain Cleaner and one of your scalpers in April 2021. We have been frequently using it to clean winter barley that we then malt on-farm and sell to distilleries and breweries.

   "Our last harvest, currently in our grain bin, had a DON (Vomitoxin) issue. The laboratory tested it and the results were 2.4 ppm. The acceptable threshold for malting barley is only 1.0 ppm. Obviously, we had a serious problem. 

   "After cleaning the grain using one pass through the WS 350 then one pass over the scalper and finally a second pass through the WS 350, the grain was obviously much cleaner. The real story was from the laboratory a few days later. The same laboratory that tested our uncleaned grain and found it to be 2.4 ppm found the cleaned grain to have a DON of only 0.23 ppm. This threshold is well below the FDA/USDA requirement of 1.0 ppm for human use.

   "Without the WS 350 and your scalper our entire harvest would have required destruction as it was even too high for cattle feed. With your equipment we have grain that can be malted and sold to even the pickiest brewery or distillery.

   "We can recommend your grain cleaning equipment to anybody without reservation. Thank you for making this product available to American farmers.

   - Best Regards, Nick Granny, Seven Springs Farm, VP of Operations / SFV Holdings Inc

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